Blue Pottery Handmade Blue White Moroccan Design Floral wall Plate 10 Inch

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This elegant decorative Moroccan Design Blue Pottery Wall plate is fully handcrafted and painted by our artists. Long durable and a must buy product of Blue Jaipur buy it Today.

Diameter : 10 Inch

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Blue Pottery Handmade Blue & White Moroccan Design Floral Wall Plate is beautiful and elegant made with love. Unique in design and handcrafted with love.

Blue Pottery Products are Perfect for your home decor.

Blue Pottery is widely recognized as a traditional craft of Jaipur, though it is Turko-Persian in origin. The name ‘blue pottery’ comes from the eye-catching Cobalt blue dye used to color the pottery. It is one of many Eurasian types of  blue and white pottery, and related in the shapes and decoration to Islamic Pottery and, more distantly, chines pottery. It is relatively unusual as a type of quality or luxury Indian Pottery, most Indian types being functional and though often highly decorated, relatively low prestige wares.

Blue Jaipur is all about showing this world the blue shades of pottery. At Blue Jaipur, we believe in art and artists its beauty and appreciation.

Blue Pottery is completely handmade Jaipur blue pottery, made out of a similar frit material to Egyptian faience, is glazed and low-fired. No clay is used: the 'dough' for the pottery is prepared by mixing quartz stone powder, powdered glass, Multani Mitti (Fuller's Earth), borax, gum and water.

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 1 in

10 Inch




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